8800 Series 11.5(1) Firmware – Enhanced Line Mode

11.5 firmware for the 8800 series phones is on CCO now.

It comes with a bunch of cool new features.

Enhanced Line Mode

The coolest and most useful that I’ve seen requests for is the new Enhanced Line Mode.  (I’ll abbreviate it ELM even if there’s overlap with the PLM/ELM acronym.)  ELM allows all 10 buttons on the phones to be used a programmable line keys (PLKs).

The mode we’re used to includes 5 PLKs on the left, and 5 context-sensitive function keys on the right.  I like this mode, having gotten used to it back in the day with the 9900 series phones, but hear customers who need more than 5 PLKs (in particular for admin/receptionists who want more than 5 BLFs or Shared lines).



As you can see in the picture, I can now use all 10 buttons.

While the firmware is out now, there is a Devpack required to enable the ELM feature on the device configuration page.

The release notes indicate that you should get the latest Devpack from CCO, install it and reboot the cluster to enable the ELM setting.  The challenge you’ll hit is that the latest Devpack on CCO as of today (mid-June) doesn’t actually include the QED file that enables the ELM setting.  The Devpack that inclues the QED will release in the next couple weeks.

Look for a Devpack with a late-June/early-July date stamp if you want to turn this feature on.

Enhanced Do Not Disturb

The DND function has been updated to be much more obvious which is nice.


Other features to mention:

  • Wi-Fi Security Enhancements
  • Customized Dial Tone for SIP Phones

See the release notes for more information about the last two.



12 thoughts on “8800 Series 11.5(1) Firmware – Enhanced Line Mode

  1. I assume this feature is only possible for 8800 phones running on a v11.5 Callmanager?
    I got a couple 8861 phones on my CUCM v10.5.1 and I always wondered why I can´t program all 10 buttons on the phone.

  2. I suppose this feature is only possible if you run a v11.5 Callmanager right?

    I have a couple 8861 phones on my v10.5.1 CUCM and I was always wondering why I couldn´t configure all 10 lines.

      • Acutally I just checked the newest device pack which features ELM is 10.5(2)(14076-1).
        I am running a CUCM v10.5.1.. do you think it will still work?

  3. Enhanced Line Mode and Hunt Groups and Missing Calls
    The Enhanced Line Mode firmware release notes states that it is not supported with Hunt Groups – does this mean just on the new lines or on all lines, and what does it mean exactly?

    Also, the Missed Calls button is removed with ELM – is there a way to assign it back to a button?

  4. I’m running ELM on 9.1.2.
    I have the same problem with Missed calls. If anyone finds an option please share…

    • What I saw at Cisco Live, was that the Missed Calls and # of Voicemails were both appended to the back of the Line Text.
      Currently it just gives a ‘total’ number of voicemails and missed calls, but they were separated out with a graphic icon. I thought it was neat and clever at the time, However.. I can’t find it pictured anywhere…

      This picture shows the ‘total’ of missed calls+voicemails, so you can see what I am referring too… But they were split up, as I mentioned.

  5. I haven’t tested enhanced line mode yet or the new 11.5(1) firmware, but for those noting the missing ‘missed calls’ button, you can reach the called history (not separated out by missed/placed/received — entire history) by selecting a line and then pressing down on the round navigation dial.

  6. ELM seems kinds cool, which is how I expected the 8800 to be when we bought it. However, in using the 7800 series phones, which all 4 buttons are programmable, I really like the regular 8800 design. It allows you to select a DN, and then have up to 5 calls active and displayed per button on the right. It is VERY easy for users to remember which caller is on which line. This also makes conference calls a breeze, as you can pick which calls to merge, or quickly grab another line, putting the first call on hold.

    With that said, how on an ELM config, would you
    1) Grab an additional line on the same DN, putting the first call on hold?
    2) If you choose ELM, can you program a hybrid of old and new right side buttons for the best of both?

    I really do like the new DND being obtrusive, much better than the first attempt with a line thru it. I had to program the bottom left DN for DND so it would turn on a red light when on, instead of the balloon that disappears.

    Can someone test one last annoying problem with the 8800. Click you 2nd or 3rd DN, then hit speaker. Did it switch back to your top left primary DN ? This is extremely annoying as 7800 phones won’t do this, but 8800 and 9971 will. The only way you can get speaker with non-primay DN is to hit, say the 2nd DN, then hit the top right offhook button to stay on that DN and get speaker. On the 7841, you can go into the directory, highlight who you want, then hit the 2nd DN, and it will call using that DN, or Intercom in my case. Can’t do this on the 8800 nor 9971 SIP phones.



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