UCCX 10.6 – Running Finesse and CAD simultaneously with Mixed Mode

Prior to today, cutting a contact center over from CAD/CSD to Finesse was not an insignificant task, requiring a flash cut of the system.

It is expected that CCX 11.0 will be a Finesse only release, requiring customers to move to Finesse if they want to upgrade to 11 or newer.  The good news is that UCCX 10.6 has been announced to allow CCX to run both CAD and Finesse simultaneously in what Cisco is calling Mixed Mode. 

The COP file is located here – http://software.cisco.com/download/cart.html?imageGuId=5D64ACFE3FA6013D8C3496338255EB4A1E98007F&i=rs

I had a customer on the EFT for it for the last month and it worked very well.  There are some limitations to be aware of and installation will require a couple reboots of your CCX environment.

Installation notes are in the readme here – http://www.cisco.com/web/software/280840578/114618/ReadMe_UCCX_10.6.1_MixedMode_cop.pdf

The release notes mention Appendix A of the Design Guide but I don’t see an updated one posted yet.  The doc or section should have some sort of title like Cisco Finesse Desktop Mixed Mode Deployment when it comes out.  I wouldn’t upgrade until you’ve read ALL the detail in the document, especially for larger contact centers or ones that are doing outbound or chat/email.


Basically you install the COP file from the CLI and restart, then follow the instructions to configure Finesse using the Finesse Administration portal on CCX.  Once you’ve got Finesse configured you can start to migrate agents and supervisors to it.  Keep in mind that you’re going to want to migrate a team at a time because a supervisor can’t be in Finesse and see their agents in CAD, or vice versa.


There are some limitations to be aware of using Mixed Mode, as it won’t support all CCX deployments and features.

Features supported:

  • Inbound and Outbound Voice (Direct preview only on both CAD and Finesse) can be migrated from CAD to Finesse in a phased manner
  • Supervisory features with few limitations
  • Reporting
  • Failover
  • Recording with few limitations

Features not supported:

  • Web chat
  • Email
  • Predictive and Progressive Outbound

Note: The Chat and Email features will not work in a combination of CAD and Finesse and will work only with Finesse once its activated, hence it is recommended to move all chat and email agents at the same time

Other Limitations to note:

  • UCCX On-demand recording is supported only in CAD. Customers will have to use Mediasense or QM for Finesse workflow recording.
  • Migration of CAD configuration to Finesse will have to be done manually
  • Macros are not supported in Cisco Finesse and cannot be migrated. Customers will have to use the Cisco Finesse workflow engine to accomplish tasks previously done by CAD macros.
  • CRM connectors used with CAD will have to be reprogramed to be used with Finesse using API.
  • Barge-in, silent monitoring, and intercept are not supported in mixed mode when CAD and Cisco Finesse agents are participants in the same call (for example, in a transfer/conference).
  • A team led by one or more supervisors should completely use either CAD or Cisco Finesse for e.g. A supervisor who uses CSD cannot supervise a Cisco Finesse team and vice versa.