Notes about Upgrading to CSR 11.5

Helped a customer upgrade from 11.0 to CSR 11.5, CUCM 11.5(1)SU1; IM&P 11.5(1)SU1; CUC 11.5(1)SU1.

Unity Connection 11.5

You must apply ciscocm.cuc_11.5SU1_pre_upgrade.cop.sgn before you upgrade to 11.5 because of bugid CSCvb02774.  The install of the patch is straightfoward and does not require a reboot.  I also ran a utils iothrottle disable to make the upgrade run faster (since it was being done after hours.)

If you’re upgrading from 10.x or earlier it is CRITICAL to increase your VM RAM to 6GB.  (This was something I ran into when going to 11.0.  If you leave it at 4GB  it will not function properly at all.)

The upgrade ran normally and took a quite a while for the switch-version to complete.

On a site note, I noticed that the new Unity Connection (CUC) 11.5 .ova files define a 200GB HDD for the bigger VM.  I investigated increasing my HDD from 160 to 200GB, but found out that CUC does NOT support dynamic resize of the HDD.  This will cause the partition to be unaligned and you’ll get to rebuild CUC from scratch.  So leave it at it’s current size.

CUCM 11.5

To save time during the upgrade window, the day before I preloaded the 11.5 ISO on my remote ESXi datastores so that it wouldn’t take forever for the ISO to SFTP over to the remote offices (they have limited bandwidth) , then I attached those ISOs as virtual DVDs to the CUCM servers via vShpere and then launched those upgrades as though they were coming from DVD instead of a remote file server.

The first attempt to launch the upgrade on the Pub failed with the old “common parition doesn’t have enough space” business.  I used RTMT to decrease the Low and High logging watermark to 45 and 40 respectively (and restarted the log partition monitoring service) to create room.

Purge Log Files by Changing the Log Partition Watermarks

  • Another way to create additional disk space is by changing the high and low watermarks on the system. This informs Unified CM of the numbers of log files to purge once the watermark is reached. Use RTMT as follows:
  1. Launch RTMT and log in to the desired cluster.
  2. From the left pane, select Alert Central.
  3. On the right pane, double-click LogPartitionHighWaterMarkExceeded. Change the threshold value to 40.
  4. On the right pane, double-click LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded. Change the threshold value to 45.
  5. This data is polled every five minutes. Allow five to 10 minutes and then check the drive partitions for additional disk space by using one of the methods described above.


As usual, I ran the Pub first (without switching version), when it completed, I ran the Subs (also without switching versions).

If you’re coming from 11.0, the utils iothrottle disable command is not necessary.  (You can try to run it but CUCM 11.0 tells you it is unneeded.)

I rebooted the Pub and then Subs as normal.

IM&P 11.5

This was also a typical upgrade.  The switch-version took a LONG time for services to come up on the reboot.




8 thoughts on “Notes about Upgrading to CSR 11.5

  1. Thanks ~ I have a CUCM 11.0 -> 11.5 upgrade coming up in a couple weeks. I did run into an issue with a CUC 11.0 to 11.5 upgrade recently — the switch version spit out an error — had to get TAC involved….turns out there is a bug when you have users created in CUC with the admin template — the fix is to get a cop file from TAC or delete your users created with the admin template. Switch ver worked after that….eventhough it took a lonnnng time.

    • The bug that Mike references addresses that very issue with the admin users created using the admin template. You can find which users those are using the CLI query “run cuc dbquery unitydirdb SELECT displayname FROM tbl_user WHERE objectid NOT IN (SELECT subscriberobjectid FROM tbl_subscribertimelastcall) AND readonly=0 AND istemplate !=1”

      I just finished upgrading 17 Unity Connection systems from versions 9.1 or 10.0 over the last two months. I had all sorts of issues with upgrade bugs. For each one I would run the query above and manually delete the found admin users. I would also install the ciscocm.cuc_11.5SU1_pre_upgrade.cop.sgn file that Mike references. I had a system in South Africa running (which is an ES release) that never would upgrade to 11.5 even after spending three months working on it with TAC. I finally stepped it from to version and was then able to get it to upgrade to 11.5.

      Don’t forget if you have language locales on the Unity Connection that you will need to upgrade those as well to the newer 11.x locales. I had nine locales on a Unity Connection system in Europe, and it took over three hours to install all the new locales. Ugh.

      • Hello, I’m experiencing the same issue “ERROR: SYNC after switch version failed”. TAC was no help 😦 and could not figure it out. I couldn’t switch to the new version… I ran your query and i don’t find anything in there. any other advice? it’s a fairly new server running to I installed to prepatch ( upgrade after the upgrade… and still have the issue.

        run cuc dbquery unitydirdb SELECT displayname FROM tbl_user WHERE objectid NOT IN (SELECT subscriberobjectid FROM tbl_subscribertimelastcall) AND readonly=0 AND istemplate !=1

        admin:run cuc dbquery unitydirdb SELECT displayname FROM tbl_user WHERE objectid NOT IN (SELECT subscriberobjectid FROM tbl_subscribertimelastcall) AND readonly=0 AND istemplate !=1
        ACE_File_Lock::ACE_File_Lock: Permission denied /dev/shm/CCM_GENstatusLock_0
        No records found


  2. an increase of RAM is needed in CUC at least 6GB. I wonder if same advice for CUCM and IM&P. Thanks.

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