CUCM 11.5 Released – Warning!

CSR (CUCM/IM&P/CUC) 11.5 has been released!  It includes a lot of cool new features but there’s a warning that needs to be shared for customers who have legacy phones.

New Features of note:

CUCM 11.5

  • “Hitless” Device Pack Installation.  Add new device types without an immediate reboot.  TFTP restart required, and Publisher reboot at next maintenance window.
  • Read-only AXL user role.  (Finally!)
  • PIN Sync to Unity Connection
  • User-customizable  Display Name field searchable in the directory for users who want a nickname or short name.  (e.g. Mike White vs Michael White — both searchable)
  • Directory search for MRA clients/devices
  • UCM Scale Increase with same OVA spec
  • Single SAML SSO Agreement per Cluster
  • Next Gen Encryption (DOD Suite B)
  • VMWare ESXi 6.0 support, Single SAML IdP per Cluster


IM&P (Jabber Server) 11.5

  • Multi-device Messaging.  Finally copies of chats messages are sent to all clients, not the most recently active.  Read notifications sync’d across all devices.
  • Persistent Chat HA and support for MS SQL (in addition to currently-supported Postgres and Oracle) for Persistent Chat functions.

Unity Connection

  • Full video messaging.  In addition to video greetings, video messages can be left in inboxes.  Video playback is supported from the handset, and not Jabber at this time.  (This functionality requires Mediasence as the video engine.)
  • PIN Synchronization between CUC and CUCM
  • New Media Player replaces the old MediaMaster applet
  • Support for Exchange 2016/Outlook 2016, Windows 10, MS Edge Browser
  • Next Gen Encryption (DOD Suite B)
  • VMWare ESXi 6.0 support, Single SAML IdP per Cluster


The warning is located in the release notes.  Certain legacy (i.e. REALLY OLD 12+ year EoS models) phones WILL NOT WORK with CUCM 11.5.

Update: A Field Notice has been posted.

This is a drastic change from previous versions were the phones are no longer supported and may not work properly anymore rather than disabling these models.  For example, I have an old 12SP+ at the office and it would register to CUCM 10, but not really work right.  In the case of 11.5, IT WILL NOT WORK.

Realistically the only models that I still see customers with are the 7935 Conference Station, 7920 Wireless, and 7910.

If you have these endpoints, understand that most have been EoS for over 12 years, and that there is a very aggressive phone trade-in program to get 20-30% extra discount (on top of your normal discount) to go to the new 8800 series phones.

Deprecated Endpoints

As of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Firmware Release 11.5, the following phones are not supported:•    Cisco IP Phone 12 SP+ and related models
•    Cisco IP Phone 30 VIP and related models
•    Cisco Unified IP Phone 7902
•    Cisco Unified IP Phone 7905
•    Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910
•    Cisco Unified IP Phone 7910SW
•    Cisco Unified IP Phone 7912
•    Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7920
•    Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7935

If you use any of these phone models on an older release of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and you upgrade to Release 11.5, the phone will not work after the upgrade completes.

Here’s an example from my CUCM where I have a 7905 defined.  The phones stays there, but this giant warning appears at the top.



18 thoughts on “CUCM 11.5 Released – Warning!

  1. Was there a notice saying the phone depreciation was going to happen before they released the software? It would be nice to know this in advance in case they decide to axe the 7900 series.

    • I was just reading the 12.x release notes and the 7921 is getting the axe in 12.x and above. (Along with the 7970 & 7971) I hope this doesn’t become a recurring theme, one of Cisco’s strengths has been that you’re not forced into handset replacements. Might as well consider a different phone system at the point you have to replace the bulk of your handsets.

  2. Thanks a lot for your reply and I am sorry for re-asking the question but I opened 2 cases with Cisco PDI Helpdesk where they confirmed that the 7912 phone won’t work with CUCM 11.0 since it is not listed in the compatibility matrix of CUCM 11.0 ( although other EOS phones are listed in this compatibility matrix , such as 7906). In addition , none of the documentations proves that the 7912 is compatible with CUCM 11.0 except for the releases notes of CUCM 11.0 , but when I sent the releases notes to Cisco PDI helpdesk , they told me that this only means that CUCM 11.0 has the device load for the 7912 phone but it does not mean that phone will be able to register to it.

    Are you confirming that the 7912 will work with CUCM 11.0 based on your experience ? Did you try it ?

    • It will be like any of the really old phones — It should register and work fine but just isn’t supported by TAC. I’ll look in my office and see if I have one to test but I am not sure I do.

      • Thanks A LOT Mike , I would highly appreciate if you can test it and let me know or if you can ask if anybody in Cisco Lab has ever tested this phone with CUCM 11.0 since we have a lot of customers who are upgrading to CUCM 11.0 and still have plenty of 7912 phones which are not willing to change currently.

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