ESXi 5.5 Support for Cisco Collaboration Applications – Latest Information

Various Cisco Collaboration apps are now starting to support ESXi 5.5.  More info as they get certified on the docwiki.  From the product manager: has been updated for the first wave of applications that can support this VMware version.

A few caveats:

  • We don’t yet have every app supporting 5.5 (or even 5.1).  All apps support 5.0.  Here are the ones who are supporting 5.5 (for which versions, check their page on and R-VMW-UC-FND continue to ship a “5.x license” and 2 media files (5.1 and 5.0).  PUT for 5.5 not complete yet (ETA TBD).  Plan for 5.5 TBD.
    • UCM
    • SME
    • IM&P
    • TMS
    • PCP
    • PCA
    • IME
    • CUC, MediaSense, UCCX / IP IVR are also expected soon but those teams haven’t checked in yet.
    • See app PMs for other updates – several apps are targeting CSR 10.5 timeframe but I haven’t seen committed dates for that.
  • BE6000/BE7000 preloads continue to ship “5.x license” with 5.1 media.  Plan for 5.5 TBD.
  • 5.5 breaks backwards compatibility with older native OS versions relative to 5.1.  E.g. 4.0 thru 5.1 can support UCM 8.0.2 thru 10.0, but 5.5 can only support UCM 9.x and 10.0.  Don’t assume every version will work with 5.5.  I am emphasizing this because for ESXi 4.0 thru 5.1, every release of UCM supported every ESXi release.  For first time that isn’t true so watch out.
  • 5.5 increases the minimum physical RAM required.   4.0 thru 5.1 only required 2 GB, but 5.5 requires 4 GB.  All of our TRC builds should still be ok but if you are doing Specs-based remember this.  Sizing Guidelines page and upcoming UC on UCS mini-SRND call this out.
  • For UCM 10.0 with ESXi 5.5, read the OVA readme for some migration considerations due to the native OS changes we made in 10.0.

CUCM 9.1(2)SU1 and CUC 9.1(2)SU1 Upgrade Tips

CUCM Publisher

Upgraded from 9.1(2) to 9.1(2)SU1 [] over the weekend because of the extensive list of bugfixes.  Release notes –

Download the update here –

The publisher failed with the Common partition not having enough space.  This was a common issue in the 8.x to 9.x upgrades.

The fix is to use RTMT to clear out logs and other things in the common partition, or much easier is to use the “Free common space COP file” – ciscocm.free_common_space_v1.0.cop.sgn.cop file from here –

Once you install this COP file the common partition should have enough free space to install the upgrade.  I’ve seen this not clear out enough space in one other upgrade, but in the 9.1(2) to 9.1(2)SU1 upgrade it worked like a champ.

Unity Connection

While the Publisher was upgrading, I initiated the Unity Connection (CUC) upgrade to 9.1(2)SU1.  This install started and failed with a very nondescript error:

The solution in my case was documented in several TAC cases: Reboot the CUC server before doing the install.  I did this and the CUC upgrade completed without any issues.

One major bug fix I’ve been waiting for was a unified inbox issue where users on Exchange with very large mailboxes would have CUC quit syncing VM.  SU1 fixes that problem.

CUCM Subscribers

Once the publisher finished and was rebooted the subscribers upgraded without issue.