DX650 10.1(1) Firmware available

This is the cool release that adds BT Smartphone pairing (your iPhone/Droid shows up at a second line on the DX650, with contacts and call history lists), updates android OS (albeit to 4.1.1), enables multi-user android functionality, allows a corporate background image, and adds the ability to keep the device unlocked during work hours.

Remember a few settings to make the DX650 much more functional:

In device settings:

  • Make sure “Allow Bluetooth Mobile Handsfree Mode” is enabled (as well as Allow Bluetooth Contacts Import) to enable BT Smartphone pairing.  This already is the default.
  • Uncheck “Enforce Screen Lock During Display-On Time” (remember the potential security implications for the end users privacy)
  • Check “Allow Applications from Google Play” to let users install cool apps like Pandora, TuneIn Radio, IP Cam Viewer, etc.

On the phone itself:

Select Settings, and then Security on the left side.

  • Lengthen the “Automatically Lock” timer to something more reasonable.  (Remember if you disable the above “Lock During Display-on Time” this won’t be that important except for after hours.)
  • Check “Phone app – Device will display phone app when locked” box.  This will allow the phone to be dialed when it is still locked, like any typical phone in an office.  In my opinion having this option disabled by default is completely backwards.  You want the phone to be convienent to use as any other office phone.