Jabber Mac 9.6 EAP Build 2 Posted

Head over to the Collaboration Community EAP Space and get the latest build (or sign up to join if you haven’t).  It is reported to have MRA enabled by default.

Version Information
To clarify on the version number change:  Prior to this build the product was going to be called 10.0, but has been rebranded to 9.6.  The reasoning behind the change is to have version numbers aligned with the capabilities of each client across the board (iOS, Windows, Mac, Droid).

CoolTerm – Great Windows / OS X USB-Serial Console App

I typically have used iTerm and the screen command for USB-Serial console access.  But CTRL-Break is a nightmare.  SecureCRT is a great app, but they are up to $99 w/only 1-year of upgrades.

CoolTerm is a fantastic little free Windows and OSX Console program.  With a little tweaking it is perfect for serial console into routers/switches.

Once loaded, make the following changes in Options:

  • Select your USB-Serial adapter on the Port list.  Re-Scan serial ports if you didn’t plug it in before launching.
  • On the Terminal menu option select “CR” for Key Emulation, and Check the “Handle Backspace Character.”

Good to go.  Control-Break is just Command-B on the Mac.  Can’t beat that.