CE 8.2 code on the DX70 and DX80

***UPDATED***  The Devpack, CE8.2.1 and conversion cop are now available on CCO.

CE 8.2.0 firmware for the DX70 and DX80 posted to CCO today.  (But of course we’re still waiting for the Devpack with the QED that will be released in the next week or so.)  The release notes are here.  The Official Conversion Guide is here.  Any instructions in this guide would override what I’ve said.

I’ve been running the beta for the last few weeks and can absolutely say CE code on the DX is MUCH more responsive, stable and usable than the Android-based code.  (That said the last few builds of 10.2(5) android code have been pretty decent.)

CE 8.2 code is absolutely the code to move to if your primary use for the DX is for video calls.



Why move to CE on the DX?

  • Responsiveness.  No more lag!  It’s snappy.
  • Stability.  Seldom, I had the random crash and full-reboot during video calls with Android.  While it was pretty rare, it was super frustrating.
  • Video-centric user interface.  It run CE codec code now and feels like a Cisco codec (like SX10, 20, etc.) now.  It’s all about the video call.
  • Registration to VCS/Expressway
  • Far-end Camera Control
  • OBTP (one button to press) meeting launch and TMS management
  • Fully customizable wallpaper

Why stay on Android?

  • You need Android applications.  CE doesn’t run any apps, period.
  • You use the built-in Cisco Webex and Jabber Android apps on the DX.
  • You need a local web browser.  CE doesn’t have a web browser built in.
  • You are currently using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  The CE code doesn’t yet support Wi-Fi or BT.  (That’s coming in a follow-on release.)
  • You need telephony features on the phone like CFwdAll, Shared Lines, Voicemail button, Auto answer.

What happens to Android?

Android will be supported on the DX70 and Dx80 for the life of the product.  Keep running it if you need features that will always only be specific to Android (local web-browser, Android Apps).  The DX650 will remain Android-only.

Converting to CE Code using CUCM

Note: You have a couple options to convert to CE code.   CUCM of course or, as the conversion guide notes, there is a public TFTP server on the internet provided by Cisco to convert a DX using.  As far as CUCM, you can convert the DX either onnet or connected via MRA registration through Expressway.

  1. Upgrade to the latest build of Android code – 10.2(5)207 by installing the COP file on CUCM, restarting TFTP and rebooting your DXes.  (Either way you want to go to this code because of all of the bugfixes.)
  2. Install the latest (Early July 2016) Devpack:
    CUCM 11.0.1:  cmterm-devicepack-
    CUCM 10.5.2: cmterm-devicepack10.5.2.14076-1.cop.sgn
    CUCM 9.1.2: cmterm-devicepack9.1.2.16137-1.cop.sgn
  3. Install the Devpack on CUCM as well as cmterm-synergy-ce8_2_1_no_defaults.cop.sgn (or latest version) so that it gets the Telepresence DX70 and Telepresence DX80 device type QED installed.  Reboot your cluster.  (Unless you’re on CUCM 11.5 which doesn’t need the immediate reboot!!)  Or bug someone you know for the standalone CE 8.2 QED in the meantime.
  4. This devpack should have the CE 8.2 firmware, but if not install the CE 8.2 COP file – mterm-s52040ce8_2_1.k3.cop.sgn (or current); restart TFTP.
  5. In CUCM, change the Phone Load of the existing DX80 to the CE 8.2 phone load name specified in the conversion guide.  For 8.2.0 it is sipdx80.ce821.rel.loads
  6. The DX80 will take a few minutes (10-15) to upgrade to CE 8.2.1.
  7. Take note of the MAC address of the DX80 in the CUCM device, because you are about to DELETE the DX80 device!
  8. Delete the DX80 device from CUCM.
  9. Create a new Telepresence DX80 device in CUCM and paste in the MAC address of the DX80 you just deleted.  Set the appropriate device settings and add an extension/SIP URI to the device.
  10. On the DX80 itself, run through the startup wizard and pick UCM registration or UCM through Expressway (if your endpoint is registering through Expressway).
  11. You’ve now got a DX80 on CE 8.2 code
  12. Enabled Web Access in CUCM device settings so that you can get to the DX80 GUI.
  13. Login to the GUI and set the admin password.  (This step may not be needed, setting the admin username/password was not available in earlier CE betas via the CUCM device setting page.)


Other Notes

  • The Touch 10 doesn’t work on the DX80 or Dx70, you must use the built-in touch screen on the DX.

61 thoughts on “CE 8.2 code on the DX70 and DX80

  1. How do you set the wallpaper on the CE DX80? Is it like the other CE devices, in that you can only set it by uploading the wallpaper direct to the unit? Or does the unit get its wallpaper from CUCM?

  2. Mike…awesome writeup as always. I wanted to get a head start on playing with the CE8.2 firmware on the device prior to it device pack being released and having it work with CUCM. I was able to load the CE8.2 firmware bundle for all devices (MXs upgraded without issue). However, my DX80 fails with “File not found”. When checking the TFTP folder on CUCM the pkg file is there for the DXs. Any thoughts?

    • The device pack will add new device types for the DX 70 & DX 80 “Cisco TelePresence DX70” (& DX80). That’s key to being able to use the new CE firmware.

      • Understood. I’ve known from the beginning that the device would not register to CUCM until the new device packs are released. The DX should still pull the firmware and upgrade however (leaving me with a very expensive monitor).

      • Make sure the DX80 is running the latest Android firmware first. It has to be on v205 (I believe) to recognise the CE firmware.

      • Hi Gordon , thank you for the above note this is the issue I faced , trying to get a Android DX70 to CE (8.2.X) , although I was able to add the DP had to reboot the CUCM cluster in order to make the DX70 registered to CUCM ,also there is another issue when we are in HCS deployment , we cannot add the Cisco Tele presence DX70 on to the new phone type .

        also we have users on Android DX70 which pickup group soft key button available , could not find a way to configure on CE . is there any guide to add the pickup group pleased? for CE

    • Sorry, I need to fix that Phone load name on step 5. It should be sipdx80.ce820.rel.loads per the conversion guide. I’ve not tested that name personally as the EFT builds had different Phone Load names. But try it and let us know.

      • Ahh, that document was available yesterday after this entry was posted. It doesnt look like the cmterm-synergy-ce8_2_0_no_defaults.cop.sgn file is available on CCO yet.

      • Agreed. Should be part of the Devpack. FI believe the plan is to release a bugfix version CE8.2.1 at the same time the Devpack comes out.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Great write up as usual. I have tried to get it working and am using CUCM 11.5 but don’t see any device types of Cisco Telepresence DX 70 or 80. I’ve even loaded up the device pack cmterm-devicepack11.5.1.10000-6.cop.sgn for 11.5 but still no device types even after a reboot. It does say it should be included in 11.5. I have all the firmware ready to go.
    I’m using CUCM

    Any ideas why I’m not seeing it?

  4. The guide also mentions you can point your TFTP server to update.cisco.com ( and have the unit upgrade over the web without the need for a CUCM. I have successfully converted a DX80 using this method today.

    • Thanks for validating! This would be the easiest way to do the conversion currently since the devpack isn’t out with the DX-to-CE.cop.sgn or the CUCM device definition.

    • I also just converted a DX80 over the internet as well – like the guide mentions, took about an hour and restarted twice. Wasn’t sure it would work at first (as it was on a slightly earlier build than what it mentions when converting over CUCM) however no problems. Glad to see it (and the SX10) also supports H323.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the great info.

    2 questions please :
    – Can you control this ce8 Dx from Jabber for windows ?
    – No shared lines : does this mean we can’t give our vip folks ce8 dx80/70 and a jabber softphone with same DN.


    • Yes, you can do remote control of the DX from Jabber. I just associated the new Telepresence DX80 with my End User and placed a call from Jabber through the DX.

      Shared line is bad terminology. The DX can have a shared extension with other devices. My extension is assigned to a bunch of phones including a Telepresence DX70 and Telepresence DX80. It works just fine.

      What you can’t do is have multiple lines on the DX80 like you can on Android DX code. The Telepresence DX80 can only have a primary line.

  6. Hi Guys, did anyone else have issues with version ?

    Getting download status failed with sipdx80.ce821.rel.loads, status was ‘Upgrading’ for a few minutes, then Failed.

  7. Hi Mike:

    Do you have any info about when/if there will be a Device Pack or a QED for CUCM 11.5 to support these devices? As mentioned in another comment above, even though the Cisco documentation says that the Cisco Telepresence DX70 / DX80 devices should exist in CUCM 11.5(1), they aren’t there.


    • Yout bring up a good point. There’s now new Devpack for 11.5. I’ll ask the PM and let you know. I can publish the standalone QED device enabler if you’d like.

      • That would be great! I am running 11.5.1 in my lab so this would be useful for me. Thanks!

      • I’ve got the same issue. Did you mean “there’s now a new devpack for 11.5” or “there’s NO new devpack for 11.5”? I don’t have “Cisco Telepresence DX80” in the list of devices that I can add in CUCM 11.5 and I’m running the latest (10000) devpack.

      • I would like the QED file too if possible! You had mentioned that you could post it last week and I’ve been checking every day but so far nothing…


  8. Hey Mike, thanks for the review, its great reading what your posts and reviews. We are having an issue currently and was curious if you have seen it. I don’t know if you care or not if I post a link, so i’ll post it, but I’m sorry if you don’t allow it. You can email me if you want. I’m the last post with the 3 images.

  9. One thing I just noticed is we can’t use Forced Authorization Codes or FAC. When I dial an out of town number, all we get is a calling but no way for us to key in the code. In jabber I go to the Conversation window and manually key in the code. Any one have any suggestions or work arounds?

  10. Hello:

    anyone get the OBTP for DX 80 work registering to MRA? i have the OBTP work when the device is inside the network, when it’s outside, should i be able to make it to work if i change the device to accessible on public internet and also NAT a public address to the TMS?


  11. I’m really struggling to get the cop file from my location. The Cisco site just times out when I start the download (around 70MB in each time). Same with another PC. It’s probably my silly connection. Could anyone please help me with this file so I can get my devices converted to CE? cmterm-ce8_2_1.k3.cop.sgn – Thanks guys, James

  12. Hello
    I know there is a public TFTP server ( upgrade.cisco.com ) available to upgrade to CE8.2.x
    But as I don’t have internet access everywhere, and I want to use a local TFTP server , what files should be made available ?
    Thanks & regards.

  13. Hi I just upgraded one of my DX units and it was not as complicated. Uploaded the device pack to my cucm 10.5.x but did not reboot.(is that mandatory in order to make it work???) ftp restarted and configured my dx but it will not register, as a fact i cant even log into the unit via web. What gives. Running latest ce8.3.1 final.

  14. Mike, ever try getting the DX80 running CE software to register via expressway? When I attempt to log in using my credentials for jabber via mra, I receive the error “We could not reach the activation server. Check your settings and try again”

    11.5(1)SU2, 8.9.1 and 8.3.1 for the 80.

    Do I need a TMS system to make these register over MRA?

    • DX80/70 are supported through MRA. I have one at home working. You do not need TMS.

      “activation server” sounds like it is trying to register to Spark. Are you certain you picked Cisco UCM through Expressway?

      I would open a TAC case as it should work.

  15. Hello Mike, I just updated my DX70 to the new CE version and testing it was awesome. Later I realized I couldnt download the CE to Android PKG file to switch back. My supplier has failed to provide this file. Can you help me?

      • Hi Mike,
        Is there issues where Dual Proxy setup on the DX devices running CE. As we are having a problem with call setup after they have registered to both VCS’s. We lose registration of Proxy 1 but it does not automatically switch to proxy 2. On another note the Home page on the Device never shows proxy 2 registered. You need to go the VCS to confirm. These issues do not occur on the EX series devices.

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