8845 and 8865 720p Video Phones Announced

Great News!  The 8845 and 8865 phones have been announced.


Ignore those labels above!  Both the 8845 and 8865 are available in white or black.

These phones follow the 8800 series features and functionality but add 720p video.  I’ve got a customer on the EFT for these phoens and they are fantastic.  The quality is outstanding when calling from the new models into a large telepresence unit in comparison to the VGA output of the 8945.

See the press-release here:


The basic difference between the models is the 8865 having WiFi and the ability to add KEM modules.  The 8845 is indented to be a successor to the 8945 and the 8865 a successor to the 9951/9971.

Datasheets are here –




4 thoughts on “8845 and 8865 720p Video Phones Announced

    • No, the display doesn’t bend with a hinge between screen and keyboard like the 9971. The stand on the back bends so you can adjust how vertical the screen and keyboard are.

      I’ve not tried an external USB keypad with the 8865 I have. I don’t have a 10-key USB keypad, but I’ll try a normal keyboard and let you know what happens.

  1. Is it possible to use this phone without an MRA? I want to use it with a provider like voip.ms but cant find any info on it.

    • It is, but there is a specific models of the various 8800s to order that supports third-party call control. You can’t convert an existing Cisco firmware to support 3PCC.

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