WebEx Event Center Mobile Support

Yes, it must be a sure sign of the apocalypse. Event Center is finally supported on iOS and Droid. Imagine being able to join an event center hosted Webex meeting from the road… I’ve only been asking for this for the last five years. 🙂

Upgrade to Webex 7.0 client and WBS 29.8 and life will be as sweet as candy.

The more important feature in 7.0 is management of your Personal Meeting Room (WBS 29.11).

I’ll detail PMR soon, but it is a huge step forward in making it easy for people to join Webex. Your PMR meeting ID/URL is always stays the same. No pesky meeting IDs to remember. You can join from video phone, TP unit (think DX, EX, SX, etc.), or any Webex client.