Avoiding IM&P (CUP) 10.5 Cluster Upgrade Problems

Upgrade Blues

I recently had a customer upgrade to their cluster to CUCM 10.5(1) as well as their IM&P servers to 10.5(1).  They ran into an situation with the IM&P subscriber server that ended up requiring intervention from TAC to get running.  (I also noticed a number of other customers having this exact same issue.)

The symptom is that after the IM&P subscriber upgrade completes, the administrator screen goes blank when trying to login and the sync service won’t start.


The issues is caused by a CUCM LDAP sync occurring while the IM&P servers are being upgraded.  This causes all of the users assigned to subscriber IM&P servers to be unable to login.

If your server ends up in this condition, a call to TAC would be the first thing to do so that they can do a remote support session to fix the issue.

Avoiding the Problem in the First Place

Before performing a system upgrade of CUCM and IM&P, change the LDAP sync interval to a sufficiently long period to avoid having a sync occur during your upgrade window.  I’d push it out o a week or so, but make sure it isn’t going to happen during your upgrade.  This is the cause of the issues.

Upgrade CUCM and IM&P as normal

Change your LDAP sync interval back to previous values (many engineers set it to 24 hours).


2 thoughts on “Avoiding IM&P (CUP) 10.5 Cluster Upgrade Problems

  1. Hi Mike. Do you have experience on IM&P inter-cluster peering? The SRND doesn’t talk much. Maybe you could provide some caveats about that. Many thanks!

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