Intelligent Proximity (iOS App) for Telepresence Endpoints

Cisco has released the beta Intelligent Proximity app for iOS which allows rudimentary control of a Telepresence (SX, MX, C, EX-series running TC 7.0+ code) endpoint as well as shared content viewing.  When it goes “official,” only the current version of endpoints will be supported (SX20 and newer) due to limitations with scalability on the older endpoints.

A great demo video of the application is here –

The application uses “ultrasound” to determine which Telepresence codec is in the same room and then connects to the codec over IP for control or content reception.  (Keep in mind that the iPad/iPhone must have network connectivity to the codec to be able to control it or receive content.)

It’s pretty cool to use to control an endpoint when you don’t have a touchpanel or remote control (ack) available.

Note: Intelligent Proximity is also the term used for Bluetooth pairing of a smartphone to a DX650 (to use the iPhone as a second line on the DX650), which has nothing to do with this Intelligent Proximity.

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