Jabber for Windows 9.6(0) Released

Jabber for Windows 9.6 was released today.

Major features include SIP URI diaing, Service Discovery (used for easy end-user login) and various GUI enhancements.   Release notes with details here – http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/jabber/Windows/9_6/ReleaseNotes/JABW_BK_CC514631_00_cisco-jabber-for-windows-release.html

Download it here – http://software.cisco.com/download/release.html?mdfid=284324806&flowid=46406&softwareid=284006014&release=9.6%280%29&relind=AVAILABLE&rellifecycle=&reltype=latest

Collab Edge capability will be coming in Jabber for Windows 9.7.  More importantly it will be coming to iOS and Droid with the 9.6 releases of those clients in the next month or two.

2 thoughts on “Jabber for Windows 9.6(0) Released

  1. Hi Michael. Co-resident; Does this mean I can run the collaboration edge on my current VCS-C and VCS-E with endpoint registered to it?
    From what I’ve read, that’s not possible. With collaboration edge enabled, you loose the ability to registerd endpoints to the VCS.
    Is that correct?

    • Technically it will work just fine in a small deployment. I’ve got a customer with about 8 endpoints registered to the VCS-C and MRA (collab-edge) running as well on a single set of VCS-E/C VMs.

      As far as official support, I’ve heard both Yes and No. One document said that it will be supported co-resident up to a limited number of endpoints (not defined in the doc), and other documentation saying it requires a separate set.

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